Salt Lake City, UT – April 8, 2008 – Anecare was awarded a United States patent for their ANEclear™ anesthetic reversal device, a device designed to actively remove anesthetic from a patient and improve patient safety and recovery in both the Operating Room (OR) and the Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU).

The patent (US 7,353,825 B2) covers new technology that allows anesthesia providers to hyperventilate a patient and increase carbon dioxide (CO2) levels in a controlled manner. The result of active elimination of inhaled anesthetics is a more alert patient who may be treated more effectively for pain, and who is ready for an earlier discharge from the OR and the PACU.

“Increasing carbon dioxide increases cerebral blood flow which removes anesthetic from the brain much more quickly,” said Dr. Derek Sakata, MD and medical director for Anecare, “And when you hyperventilate a patient as well, you clear the anesthetic from the blood through the lungs. This combination has proven to greatly improve patient recovery and it saves a hospital time and money.”

Prior to the ANEclear, anesthetists had no way to actively remove anesthetic from a patient.

“We are now seeing patients who are much more alert at emergence and in the PACU. They are breathing on their own sooner and have less airway complications than those patients where the ANEclear was not used,” said Sakata.

Michael Slatter, CEO of Anecare, Inc., said that this new technology will help any patient who has undergone surgery with an inhaled anesthetic, but offers even more benefits to certain patients.

“Actively eliminating inhaled anesthetic becomes especially important for patients who are elderly, overweight, or who might be prone to obstructive sleep apnea,” said Slatter. “Patients like these are more susceptible to the negative effects of residual inhaled anesthetics.”

Slatter also said that receiving this patent will help pave the way for additional patents and new products coming out in the next few years.

About Anecare, Inc.
Anecare is an emerging, US-based global company created to commercialize innovative products from a team of world-renowned researchers who have made improving the quality of anesthesia care their life’s work. Collectively, this team holds more than 60 U.S. patents in anesthesia and respiratory care. Over nearly 25 years, these patents have resulted in a myriad of successful products sold by well known multinational anesthesia and respiratory companies. In late 2004, this team founded Anecare to commercialize their latest innovations. Along with this founding group, Anecare has hired other key individuals, each with unique talents and more than 20-years of individual experience in manufacturing, marketing, and selling medical devices.

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