Salt Lake City, UT – July 30, 2008 – Utah Business Magazine today named Anecare founders and ANEclear inventors Dr. Dwayne Westenskow, Dr. Joseph Orr and Dr. Derek Sakata ‘Health Heroes in Innovation’ for 2008.

This honor is one of many that have recently been awarded to the trio for their work to improve patient care by inventing a way to actively reverse volatile anesthetics.

Anecare Founders Receive Health Heroes Award

“The ANEclear is the result of our efforts to find a way to help patients recover from anesthesia more quickly and safely than before,” said Sakata.  “We have found that by using the ANEclear to reverse volatile anesthetics, the patient’s protective airway reflexes are restored much more quickly.”

Sakata also stated that as many as 24% of men and 9% of women suffer from Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), but that the majority of them are undiagnosed, creating a potentially dangerous situation for patient recovery.

“The key is to get OSA patients breathing on their own quickly after surgery so that they don’t obstruct,” said Sakata. “The ANEclear facilitates this by reversing the volatile anesthetics.”

Dr. Joseph Orr added that the ANEclear restores a patient’s airway reflexes quickly by increasing cerebral blood flow. 

“This accelerates the brain washout of volatile anesthetic and helps patients breathe on their own,” said Orr.

According to Dr. Dwayne Westenskow, one of the main advantages to using the ANEclear to reverse volatile anesthetic is that no drugs are used.

“Slightly elevating a patient’s carbon dioxide level is the key to how the ANEclear works.  It is a natural process that doesn’t require the use of any other drugs,” said Westenskow.

Westenskow, Orr and Sakata have a proven history of medical innovations.  The ANEclear is one of many new products based on patented technology aimed at improving patient anesthesia care. 

About Anecare, Inc.
Anecare is an emerging, US-based global company created to commercialize innovative products from a team of world-renowned researchers who have made improving the quality of anesthesia care their life’s work. Collectively, this team holds more than 60 U.S. patents in anesthesia and respiratory care. Over nearly 25 years, these patents have resulted in a myriad of successful products sold by well known multinational anesthesia and respiratory companies. In late 2004, this team founded Anecare to commercialize their latest innovations. Along with this founding group, Anecare has hired other key individuals, each with unique talents and more than 20-years of individual experience in manufacturing, marketing, and selling medical devices.

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