Improving Surgical Outcomes

ANEclear is an inexpensive, easy-to-use disposable device used by the anesthesia provider at the end of surgery that quickly and actively removes inhaled anesthetics. The result is improved patient and surgeon satisfaction and increased profitability.

Improve Patient Experience

  • Reduce post-operative nausea and vomiting (PONV)
  • Reduce patients’ fear of being sick following surgery
  • Decrease PACU length of stay up to 35% (23 minutes)
  • Patients who feel well at discharge heal better at home

Increase OR Performance

  • Speed emergence from anesthesia by 60% (5-11 minutes)
  • Reduce respiratory complications
  • Reduce unplanned admissions

Drive Surgical Volume Growth

  • Improve OR throughput
  • Satisfy surgeons with happier patients and improved time management
  • Additional surgeries per day possible

Improve Your Bottom Line

  • Decrease cost of nausea and vomiting: $85-$138 per patient in reduced utilization cost
  • Increase PACU throughput
  • Reduce PACU staffing cost
  • Reduce anesthesia-related complications and cost of patient care

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Surgeon Satisfaction

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“As a surgeon, I try to prevent as much agitation in my patients as possible. Without the ANEclear, patients frequently cough or gag as they emerge from anesthesia. When my patients wake up using the ANEclear, they wake up much more quickly, are much less agitated and suffer significantly less nausea and vomiting. It makes for a better and safer surgical outcome.”

- C. Kim, MD
Orbital and Oculoplastic Surgeon


Patient Satisfaction

“With the ANEclear, patients are coming out awake, alert, they are not nauseated, they are hungry, they want something to drink, they are ready to go home 30 minutes sooner. It’s a huge difference.”

- C.J. Johnston, PACU Nurse

Like many patients undergoing surgery, Nicole Franzen’s biggest fear was whether she would be sick afterwards. After three prior opthalmic surgeries where doctors gave her the usual anti-nausea drugs, she was still sick each time.

Then the ANEclear was used during Nicole’s fourth surgery. “After my fourth surgery I was very
awake and alert, and most importantly, was not nauseated.”

- N. Franzen
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