The ANEclear For Your Challenging Patients

The ANEclear works easily with an endotracheal tube, or an LMA with spontaneously breathing patients under isoflurane, sevoflurane or desflurane to quickly and actively remove  unwanted residual agents at the end of surgery.

Rapidly removing residual inhaled anesthetics at the end of surgery reduces the effects these agents have on patients at risk for PONV and OSA. The ANEclear reduces risk and improves life for your challenging patients.

  • Elderly
  • Overweight
  • Patients at risk for OSA
  • Patients at risk for PONV

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ANEclear for PONV

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  • Reduces incidence of PONV by 85%
  • No new drug interactions or side effects to consider
  • Treat your most susceptible patients

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ANEclear for OSA

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  • Reduces residual sedation
  • Keep OSA patients awake and alert in the PACU
  • Reduces risk of airway obstruction




Clinical Studies

John A. Moran Eye Center
Principal Investigator:  Dwayne Westenskow, PhD
Progress: Completed: Abstract

University of California San Francisco
Principal Investigator:  Rachel E. McKay, MD
Progress: Completed: Abstract

Hirosaki University Medical School, Japan
Principal Investigators: K. Nakai, MD; H. Yoshida, MD; K. Hirota, MD
Progress: Completed: Abstract


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