The ANEclear for Intraoperative Care of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) Patients

The average patient is older, heavier and has more airway issues putting them at greater risk of OSA. The real risk is that the majority are undiagnosed. OSA patients are at greater risk of respiratory-related complications under inhaled anesthetics than non-OSA patients.

The ANEclear is a simple easy-to-use solution that removes residual volatile anesthetics at the end of surgery from patients at risk for OSA, significantly improving the safety and quality of their anesthetic experience. The ANEclear removes unwanted volatile anesthetics - including the residual anesthetic left in patients after they wake up - by increasing cerebral blood flow and rapidly eliminating arterial anesthetic agent.

ANEclear Benefits for OSA Patients

  • Rapid restoration of airway reflexes
  • Increased spontaneous drive to breathe
  • Reduced risk of post-extubation aspiration
  • Reduced risk of respiratory depression
  • Reduced risk of airway obstruction

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